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Oxygen Concentrator

Operating Instructions


Oxygen causes rapid burning. Do not smoke while your oxygen concentrator is operating, or when you are near a person utilizing oxygen therapy. Do not use within 5ft (1.6M) of hot, sparking objects or naked sources of flame.


If you have a pre-existing heart or lung condition or any ailment that may affect your ability to process oxygen effectively, please consult a physician before use.

1. Choose a location

Make sure to give your unit some space (at least 6” on all sides), it needs to breathe too. Don’t plug it in just yet.

(Keep in mind you’ve got a 25ft extension tube)

2. Let’s add some water

Remove the bubble humidifier from its packaging, you know, it’s the container with the blue cap!

Just pour the included purified water into the container and secure the lid.

3. Hook it up

Thread the humidifier to the silver pipe on the front of the concentrator. Easy there tiger, don’t overtighten.

4. Go the distance

Attach the 25ft tube to your humidifier.

5. Table for 1 or 2?

Single user

Attach straight connector to the other end of the 25ft tubing (if using one nasal cannula)

Two user

Attach Y connector to the other end of the 25ft tubing (If using two nasal cannulas)

This is your nasal cannula

(The thing that goes in your nose and around your ears)

Attach the end of your nasal cannula(s) to the straight or Y connector

(We have included an optional 7ft extension if you are using the Y connector, just in case you need a little space from your friend)

6. Mark your territory

Sharing is caring but not with cannulas. Use the included stickers to mark your name on and wrap around your cannula line.

7. Let’s keep it clean

When not in use, place the cannula on a clean paper towel or cloth. Another option would be to use a zip lock bag.

8. Plug it in, plug it in

Time to plug this bad boy in. Once plugged in, flip the power switch on. It’s going to beep at you, it’s fine, that’s your concentrator saying hello. The center light will glow an amber color as it warms up.

After a few minutes the center light will switch off and the right light will glow green. Green means go! Oxygen will be flowing through the cannulas.

9. Adjust that flow

Use the dial on the right to adjust the amount of Oxygen. If you’re a single adult, set it to 2.5 for your beauty rest - do not exceed 3. If you’re sharing it with another user crank it up to 5. Need to catch your breath real quick between activities? - set it to 3.

10. Almost done!

With the cannula in front of you, gently insert the nasal prongs into your nose, wrap the tubing around your ears, and tighten the slide underneath your chin as desired. That’s it, you’re all set!

"Rest Easy", our oxygen concentrators were designed to operate all night long while you sleep.

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