Not all [Oxygen Concentrators] are equal

When selecting a provider for your oxygen concentrator needs at high altitudes, ensure that the Oxygen Concentrator performs at high altitudes.

Spoiler Alert: NOT ALL DO.

13,123 ft above sea level – Bluebird Oxygen

Bluebird Oxygen’s 5 Liter DeVilbiss 525

At Bluebird Oxygen we ensure that your high altitude needs are met with our premium high altitude concentrator needs with the DeVilbiss 525, a concentrator designed to not lose efficiency up to a staggering 13,123 ft above sea level.

The DeVilbiss boasts a high 8.5 PSI with 90-96% oxygen purity at the nasal cannula.

This unit is arguably the best on the market.

9,878 FT above sea level

Caire – Companion 5

Supporting up to 9,878 ft above sea level, the Companion 5 is an adept concentrator for middle to the entry level high elevations. Pushing out 5 PSI with 87%-95.5% oxygen purity at the nasal cannula, can help meet the needs of replenishment from an active day cycle.

8,000 FT above sea level

Invacare – Perfecto 2

Effective at low and medium range altitudes only supporting up to 8,000 ft before experiencing degradation, pushing 87%-95.6% oxygen purity at 5 PSI. Staying in Vail or Beaver Creek, this unit might suffice, anywhere else in Summit, Grand, or Gunnison County? Probably not.

7,500 ft above sea level

Respironics – EverFlo

Effective only up to 7,500 ft above sea level before experiencing degradation, hitting 5.5 PSI with 90-96% oxygen purity within the bounds of the rated altitude. Unfortunately this unit’s performance at altitude make it a poor fit for Keystone, Breckenridge, Copper, Winter Park, Crested Butte, and even Vail/Beaver Creek. Yet, it’s not uncommon to see this unit out and about in Summit County.– UPDATE- As of January 2024 Philips has decided to stop production of their stationary and portable oxygen concentrators for various reasons. You may still see these concentrators out and about, but they are not the ideal choice for high altitude environments.

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