Not all [Oxygen Concentrators] are equal

When selecting a provider for your oxygen concentrator needs at high altitudes, ensure that the Oxygen Concentrator performs at high altitudes.

Spoiler Alert: NOT ALL DO.

13,123 ft above sea level – Bluebird Oxygen

Bluebird Oxygen’s 5 Liter DeVilbiss 525

At Bluebird Oxygen we ensure that your high altitude needs are met with our premium high altitude concentrator needs with the DeVilbiss 525, a concentrator designed to not lose efficiency up to a staggering 13,123 ft above sea level.

The DeVilbiss boasts a high 8.5 PSI with 90-96% oxygen purity at the nasal cannula.

This unit is arguably the best on the market.

9,878 FT above sea level

Caire – Companion 5

Supporting up to 9,878 ft above sea level, the Companion 5 is an adept concentrator for middle to the entry level high elevations. Pushing out 5 PSI with 87%-95.5% oxygen purity at the nasal cannula, can help meet the needs of replenishment from an active day cycle.

8,000 FT above sea level

Invacare – Perfecto 2

Effective at low and medium range altitudes only supporting up to 8,000 ft before experiencing degradation, pushing 87%-95.6% oxygen purity at 5 PSI. Staying in Vail or Beaver Creek, this unit might suffice, anywhere else in Summit, Grand, or Gunnison County? Probably not.

7,500 ft above sea level

Respironics – EverFlo

Effective only up to 7,500 ft above sea level before experiencing degradation, hitting 5.5 PSI with 90-96% oxygen purity within the bounds of the rated altitude. Unfortunately this unit’s performance at altitude make it a poor fit for Keystone, Breckenridge, Copper, Winter Park, Crested Butte, and even Vail/Beaver Creek. Yet, it’s not uncommon to see this unit out and about in Summit County.

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