Preparing for a Ski or Snowboarding Trip to a Colorado Resort? 10 Must Know Tips and Tricks.

Planning a ski or snowboarding trip to a resort in Colorado can be exciting and fun, but it can also be overwhelming if you’re not prepared. In this blog post, we’ll outline some tips on how to prepare for your trip. What to Wear Colorado’s ski resorts can have varying weather conditions, so it’s important […]

We asked Chat GPT – Here’s what we found…

As technology and science enthusiasts we were naturally gravitated towards the release of Chat GPT 3.0, an incredibly powerful and sophisticated language AI (Artificial Intelligence). It’s massive capabilities allow it to write essays, write perfectly semantic and working code, write in different tones, and answer an impressively large variety of questions. Given these capabilities we […]

Not all [Oxygen Concentrators] are equal

When selecting a provider for your oxygen concentrator needs at high altitudes, ensure that the Oxygen Concentrator performs at high altitudes. Spoiler Alert: NOT ALL DO. 13,123 ft above sea level – Bluebird Oxygen Bluebird Oxygen’s 5 Liter DeVilbiss 525 At Bluebird Oxygen we ensure that your high altitude needs are met with our premium […]

Top 10 ways to maximize relaxation during your vacation

10. Sleep in. You’re on vacation, the end goal is relaxation and enjoyment. Put yourself in a mindset and make the most of this precious time. Start this off by letting yourself sleep in. There’s no deadlines, meetings, quotas or checkpoints required on vacation, so set the alarm a couple hours ahead, or maybe even […]

The most important fuel for our body: Oxygen

Did you know that the average person can live without food for up to 60 days, without water for up to 3 days, but can suffer permanent brain damage leading to death from just 4 to 6 minutes without Oxygen. The catch is that oxygen is typically available all the time, and is usually everywhere […]